Monday, November 30, 2009

i've got this...but for real.

mmm: yessir

have you seen the tudors? well you should if you have not. in fact YOU NEED TO RUN OUT AND RENT THE DANG SHOW IMMEDIATELY. now the story line starts out super awesome...then season two is just one temper tantrum after another, duh, it is king henry...BUT there is a significant amount of scantily clad young men in this series

PRIMARILY sir charles as seen above

(courtesy of showtime's website)

the show has lots of other stuff that is cool too, but overall: SIR CHARLES AND HIS RUFFLE NECK DRESS TUNICS AND TIGHTS. please consider taking a peek.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

hey sports fans.

i do not really like sports. but i kinda like sports fans. i am the most nonathletic person alive so in my youth i did everything possible to avoid organized sports. more a solo mover...hiking, compulsive exercising at the y, etc. i do not like to watch most sports...i do enjoy a nice golf tourney, mainly because most golfers are babes, but they are usually in the summer and i would rather be outside. and i'll definitely go to a hockey game because i secretly want to beat the crap out of someone on ice, too. and i love ice skating rinks. i learned to ice skate in my backyard!
i overall, i like sports fans. i'm a bills fan cause my whole family is from there, it is the town i was raised in and fortunately i moved to the south before adulthood and was spared a terrible whiny accent and a fate of wearing entirely too much make-up... i am fully aware that the bills suck but it is in my blood to love them. i used to trick or treat at the players rental houses and remember getting autographs at lunchtime in elementary school. my dad's bff from high school was a defensive line coach and is a football hall of famer so they get to tour the stadium and locker rooms every few years. one time i got to say hi to boomer esiason when i was 9 cause of my dad's coach friend. we went to a bills vs. bengals game. he was the largest man i have, to this day, ever seen in real life.

so i like sports fans because they represent one of my topics of favor: ultimate loyalty. even when your team is down, you love them. you feel their pain and their joy. this is a good quality to have, which is why, despite not loving sports- i still love the bills. that and my dad still has zubas.
if i ever consider boyfriends again i am going to make sure they are into sports for two reasons: 1. it demonstrates a consistent interest in something and 2. it will assure time alone during specific seasons so they won't get on my nerves. this is something several of my boyfriends lack and i've decided i don't really trust boys that aren't into sports. unless they are gay men. that is the only exception.

Friday, November 27, 2009

daddy's girl, part 4.

(for previous entries to this series, please refer to daddy's girl, parts 1-3)

4. insurance truths

i caught my father paying the balance for a surgery i had many years ago. at the time, i was told it would all be covered by my insurance and i stupidly believed him. it was after surgery for my heart that was kind pertinent to my future health and well being. but OMG i just about flipped my lid when i saw the balance. the bill was forwarded well after he had paid for most of it as i had been in a temporary apartment and didn't forward my mail from his house until i moved more permanently. as much as i appreciate my dad's help on this...HOLY CRAP!!! do they screw you when you are sick...or trying not to be sick. or aren't really sick at all but have for instance a birth defect or abnormality that can be easily remedied because you know and love your body and seek assistance when something does not feel right...arghh!

so, yeah. dad neglected to inform me that insurance (although absolutely necessary) is STILL freaking expensive. even when you are an able bodied, responsible adult. co-pays are just a mean trick to make you think that is all that you owe for this friendly office visit. i mean honestly, i avoid going to the doctor at all costs because i am terrified they will slap a "pre-existing condition" on my pulled muscle or funny feeling limb. cause they have tried to do this already. when i tried to fight it, i lost. why? because my dad was at the same doctors office and they mentioned an old balance that was rejected by my insurance. and he paid it. three years later.

now. if it was such an important fee and concern wouldn't this bill have gone to collections? haha! yes! but it did NOT because i honestly feel i would have been able to bitch my way out of that rejected coverage. and the office knew it. but they bypassed me and hit up my dad. grrr.

i was soooo unbelievably pissed when i found out about this incident in mention. not only did the receptionist COMPLETELY violate hippa but WTF? if there is NO documented diagnosis of a pre-existing condition i ain't paying for it jerks!!! and my dear, sweet father in his attempts to shelter my poor check book from unexpected costs, paid the damn thing and deprived me of yet another BATTLE WITH THE MAN. grumble.

was his heart in the right place? sure. but this CANNOT go on any longer. this is triangulation in its most wicked form and i will NOT stand for it.

winner: daughter. use this time to become a healthier, more aware individual, ladies. pay attention to WHO and WHAT you are paying and fight like hell when you feel screwed. health care reform NOW!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

a perfect night.

i am a pretty social person. the week of the holidays are always a reunion of sorts in my little town. i didn't love hs so much i want to repeat it or anything, i was just as awkward as anyone...but i've made my peace with it. it is usually not a big deal if i go out and see every. single. person. i ever had math or gym with. i don't necessarily not like them...i just keep in touch with the people i really do like and want in my life. sooo being nice for the sake of being nice and social for the sake of "seeing" everyone is the farthest from my goals in life.

last night i kinda made plans. i did my chores, prepped what i could for thanksgiving, put on some make-up, a clean shirt, my favorite boots...but after all of that i changed back into a sweatshirt and my uggs and sat on the deck star gazing with a nice, cold SNPA.

i've been downloading TONS of new music and i sat outside with only the stars and listened to the avett brothers (i'm the only onw who missed the memo on how effing amazing they are)...i've been overplaying "head full of doubt/road full of promise" from their latest album. it is the most beautiful song i have heard in a looong time. at first i didn't really think i could relate to this song right now in life...i recalled those times when i would have listened to this song as if it were written for me..that makes this song so much more special to me now. it's like part of my past is at peace and i've recognized it.

it was the perfect type of cold. the stars were electric and i could have sat outside with that song on all night long...savoring every part of the moment...with grin in the's been a while since i've had a song like this.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

don't hate, appreciate.

now, i am most definitely not a regular ray of sunshine but there are some things i feel are worth bitching about and MANY that are not. i have personally had the privilege of living in several, very diverse parts of the country and consider myself moderately well traveled...but there is something that has occurred in each city and town i have resided in that drives me COMPLETELY INSANE, i call them:
current city haters.
now. when you are in high school this is acceptable. in fact, even a few years past college in some circumstances it is ok to hate the place you live. up until this point, your primary location of residence is often out of your control due to age and financial limitations.* but come on people. once you reach age 25 you need to make a choice, move where you want and shut up about it. we all have choices and if you chose to live in ____ville, usa, then that is where you chose to live. if you hate it...MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE.
*you may also complain if you are stuck with an ailing relative or child. but even then, that excuse is limited and not to be abused.
when i lived in seattle there were TONS of current city haters. they annoyed the crap out of me for several reasons: 1. seattle is awesome. 2. it is super fun, there are a million things to do. 3. it is gorgeous. 4. it is close to pretty much everything neat-o in the north-north west. 5. it is pretty affordable, and 6. generally safe, kinda. just be smart. i mean you've really got to try to get to seattle. you can't get stuck there because you ran out of gas on your way somewhere else. moving to seattle has to be an intentional and deliberate move.

another rampant current city hater city is richmond, va. again, richmond is also pretty cool. if i hadn't moved there with someone that had bi-polar features i would have enjoyed living there a lot more. i love going there now. richmond is in no way a black hole of in-opportunity...and unlike many other cities, it is not very cheap to live in so if you live there and hate it...your bad. stop complaining and go to dc and waste your money or something.

by far the most hating i have ever observed and currently feel a blood boiling level of epic proportions for is my current city. i like my little southern town. now i too, was a hater of lynchburg for a while but i was SIXTEEN YEARS OLD. i grew up in the new york and was culture shocked into this place and felt like i was drowning for a few years before i peaced out to college and didn't look back...for about a decade. then i explored and pondered and ran away and ran back a few times and decided this was the kind of place i wanted to live in.

i have no desire to watch my back in the city i live in. i have no desire to commute or pay a ridiculous amount of money for housing. i like mountains and the river. i like walking my dog and i love the park that takes my stress away on a regular basis. i like my family close by. i like my friends who i don't have to "explain" myself to. (they know i'm a bitch and keep me in check when necessary.) i don't get bored here. if anything, i wish i had more time to do everything i would like to do...especially in the summer.

don't get me wrong- there are things that drive me crazy about this place, just like any normal person...there are days i want to scream. (this is why i rarely drive west of link road, unless going to my parents house or the yellow sub)...but i don't dwell and the good outweigh the bad. if they didn't i would move away.

so those of you who are under 40 and hate lynchburg: if you are able, please consider relocating. it has been lovely to have you but i am taking your negativity personally. if you want "stuff to do" OPEN YOUR EYES, there is a bunch of fun stuff right here. think of it this way: IT MIGHT BE YOU, not the city. you may not be happy in any city. perhaps you are a chronic current city hater. i don't know, that is your business...i just know i am going to go apeshit the next time you ask where i am from then scoff sarcastically when i answer proudly.

i am from lynchburg jerk face. and i live here by choice. deal with it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

made to order...

so yesterday was super awesome. my new job requires me to travel more and being in the car with myself singing aloud is one of my favorite things to do. so was a rainy day (which i love) and i was driving and realized with all of this new time in the car i need to update my music. DESPERATELY. i have been exploring a lot of new options lately and in blog land read others reviews and such and have found some good stuff...but i made mental note that i really need to replace my speakers and solicit new mix cds from people. i took a bit of a music hiatus because my last two boyfriends were music nazis. i mean honestly, in a relationship, i don't give a shit what kind of music you listen to. that has no impact on how you are going to treat me as a person, and if me listening to elton john excessively in private makes you that uncomfortable and hostile, YOU have a problem, not me. one bf was an actual musician and that was cool, he had a classically trained perspective i respected. and when we dated he was in a little band that would play at the bars in college and i was all like, "yeah, he's going home with me." that was awesome. but how much gd jazz can one be expected to listen to? the other bf was just a d!%&. he actually ostracized people by their taste in music and was ridiculously judgemental. he didn't really have a lot of hobbies.

here i am thinking about music and how into it i used to be. i admit, when i was younger i totally filled my cd books with things i thought would impress boys. i truthfully enjoyed the music but i did have a "secret" cd book with all of my guilty frank sinatra obsession, my raging chick fembot tunes, my never ending 80s & 90s dance party i could care less, i listen to what i like. SO. i stop into my local sheetz for gas which i am super excited about because i never go to sheetz and i find it fun in there. i do not live near one, i do not like traveling outside of my comfort zone rivermont ave/dwntwn area, so sheetz is a real treat. i love all things sheetz.

but i am a total hypocrite. i kinda hate all things sheetz at the same time. the wal-mart of gas stations where everything is focused on consuming and cheapness, at the expense of the "third world" and the underemployed. the variety of options is sickening. absurd. typically american. there are some things "all american" that i secretly love that represent things i publically hate. sheetz is one of them. i spent some time (because it always takes FOREVER to get your crap at sheetz-another thing i usually hate) walking the isles. i am in awe of the products, cookie dough balls as a snack, four different kinds of white glazes on cinnamon buns, ten different types of reese's products, items i have NEVER seen before because, i never go outside my safe zone unless traveling out of town or under exigent circumstances, like buying heels at the mall.
two awesome things happen when i am in sheetz on this day.:
1. pumpkin spice lattes are on sale for $1.99!
i know! holy crap. overpriced coffee is one of my pet peeves so the fact i got to enjoy a latte for the grand total of $2.17 made me super happy. i got a giant one. word. (sheetz did not put a happy kitten face in my latte, of course, but i am now going to make a life goal to find the place that does) then the next thing happened...
3. beast of burden by the rolling stones came on.
i l.o.v.e. this song! i mean, most people do. but this one brings back so many memories and especially on the day when i am contemplating reinstating music as a priority in my life i am psyched. i kinda want to have a dance party and look around for others to join in. i unabashedly grin as i recall the nights of dancing in dorm rooms to this album...the coffee maker lady heckles along and i coo to myself, awww what american camaraderie. then i laugh out loud because the rolling stones are so american, but not american. like, the epitome of everything all american! like everything sheetz.
the plastic gear you can buy to travel safely and environmentally friendly that is constructed from toxic plastics made in china. the packaged food that has weekly recommended caloric and fat intake marketed as a "snack." the gorgeous beer walk-in with sponsored ads to be safe while driving strategically placed next to a beer pong kit. the whole scene was so perfectly ironic and comforting. usa! usa! usa!
i leave sheetz just in time...the song is ending, my giant coffee is ready and i am started to get irritated by all the mf people that are there sniffling and sneezing. but man that was a good time.

Monday, November 23, 2009

mmm: sigh

so i pretty much could have spent the ENTIRE DAY looking at johnny depp pictures....but decided on this one...

***i totally wrote this post like, a million years ago and he was just named people's sexiest man of the year, again. coincidence? nah, i am just that awesome.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

daddy's girl, part 3.

(to see previous entries of this series, please refer to daddy's girl, parts 1-2)

3. taxes
holeee gawddd! i am forced to tears -pretty much every year-by my taxes. and this is in the digital, online-form age where they basically do everything for you, you just need to put the numbers in where they say so...but then i started owing stuff. and working grown up jobs. hrumppf.

once i tried to ask my dad for help and he actually held his arm around the page and wasn't allowing me to see what he was writing. he said it was because he is left handed but then i got it: financial independence (for his household members) is something he cannot handle. this is why he will not explain.

i do not think he has a masochistic desire to see me cry and stress over my paperwork (which is why i do it alone. very, very alone. i am scary person when dealing with confusing paperwork. even the dogs hide)...but i do think it is difficult for my father to accept that i need to know how to do these the event of _____. i find this odd as my father had to take on many primary caregiver (including financial) responsibilities at a very young age. you would think he would want me to be tax payer savvy, no? NO. i even had to pay back taxes from many, many years ago this past year that i did not file. i did not file because at the time my father told me (and i QUOTE) "you did not make enough for it to matter and you lived out of the state for most of the year, anyway." WRONG. i had to pay that measly $125 with interest. boo.

winner: daughter. ladies this is something you MUST know how to handle yourself! (and they let you print out directions that are about 15 pages long so you can blot your tears with the excess pages.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


arghhh. i know i should NOT complain but i have been getting waaay more sleep than usual lately. this is generally good and a natural paradigm shift into the winter season. winter is for hibernating, eating more and sleeeeeep. i like sleep. i never get enough in the summer because there is too much fun stuff to do.

but along with all things winter i find myself getting something else: kinda bored. i have a nerdy little list of 'things to do in the winter,' i clean a lot, my closets are creepily organized...but i am still kinda bored. a little dulled. big yawn.

i mean, i can only watch so many tv shows on netflix. (and i do not even like tv that much!) AND i know i should shut my face, cause, in march...imma gonna get hostile and the season has just begun.

so i am trying to enjoy the change of pace...i mean, before you know it the ridiculousness of the holiday season will be among us and I WILL GET TO WEAR MY NEW PLAID DESIGNER BAG. there. i feel better already.

Monday, November 16, 2009

mmm: i'd cougar him...

i mean really, he's HOW old? no freakin' way.

my former boss and i would spend some pretty intense moments worshipping all that is robert pattinson. (it was good for morale & moments like that established the title phrase) he's just so soooo...when i turned in my resignation letter i attached it to a rp calender...

a well played move on my part. but i must admit, i have debated going back and getting a copy of that calender for myself. or actually going to that movies he is in. droool.

(photos from

Friday, November 13, 2009

daddy's girl, part 2.

(to see the previous entry of this series, please refer to daddy's girl, part 1.)

2. broken stuff

again, always seeking my fathers assistance when i broke stuff as a child was easy: "please put barbie's head back on that my sister ripped off" "please reattach this sparkly pink basket to my bike that was ejected from the handle bars when i ate in on the big hill three streets over" "please pay for the car i just wrecked into the other one on the way to school" get the point.

as an adult these things are becoming more complicated...toilets and various plumping equipment, kitchen stuff, closet racks with too many clothes on them...i have learned these are all things i am more than capable of attending to myself as an adult.

i am pretty much the most impatient person EVER so asking for my father's assistance means i would have to wait for him to find time to assist me (which i totally do NOT get, because the man is retired..come on, it is like he could be MY personal maintenance man, right?!) and i have come to realize that my father, god bless him, is not skilled in all things maintenance related. in fact, joint "fixing broken stuff" projects have turned sour as of late and created some pretty heated arguments mostly centering around the fact he has engineer logic (or none at all) and poor communication skills. and i am a wretched brat.

i believe my father did not tell me i could do these things myself because then the whole "rescue me" thing would be exposed. and i realized all of my closet racks and shelves were on a slant when he was finished with them.

winner: daughter. don't tell him it's broke, fix it yourself. (or only ask him to fix stuff you don't really care about or use often)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

HELLOOO state holiday...

yep. it is official. i now get more days off including the state holidays. like today, veteran's day. i'm super excited about these additional days of no work, more i decided to commemorate the first one with a special blog.
but what the crap do you blog about for veteran's day when you are a bleeding heart liberal that has serious issues with the disproportionately deployed, gender, race and sex biased, poorly organized american military? hmmm.
now. don't get me wrong i respect those who serve our (and many other) country(ies). i beep at the little old men who stand at the bottom of the monument terrace steps in my little southern town every friday. they have done so for MANY years...hmmm perhaps as long as the occupation in iraq? long has that been again? oh yeah, NINE YEARS. NINE FREAKING YEARS. NINE LONG YEARS. i digress.

i feel the label of providing "service to your country" should not be limited to time served in the military. i love president obama's focus on service at home and love the old "scrimp and save" attitudes among americans during the first and second world war. geewillikers, wouldn't it be nice (and totally logical) to apply this method of living in the grand old usa, like, TODAY? hello? economic crisis? environmental degradation? SI SE PUEDE! again, i digress.

so how does one blog about veteran's day to shed some dignity on the fact that the entire day will be spent enjoying freedom and home ownership and yard work and probably bacon and chocolate chip pancakes? i image searched state holidays and found a pretty amazing gem of a website... my dear lord this is a good one.
***caution: when navigating this site, perhaps turn your speakers down as an electronic version of "dixie" is played over and over again, restarting at each link. over and over and over again. ***
i have lived in the south long enough to consider myself a southern (and moved here young enough to trick everyone into thinking i am a native) but i am CONSTANTLY awestruck by the whole southern pride, the south will rise again, etc., etc. movement. it fascinates me. so is pretty much the best veteran's day present i could give myself. that or this book, available for $13...

i don't know where mr. johnson, jr. has been but if this country isn't focused on god, family and country right now....i don't know who is. maybe adding "and walmart" would catch more readers? just a suggestion.

this is a little e-card logo you can send on robert e. lee's birthday! isn't it cute and in major denial?! (lee-jackson day falls on the friday before mlk, jr day in the south btw. this state holiday will also be added to my days of freedom but i am a little uncomfortable with that one) the e-cards are my favorite feature. spend some time and send some 150 year old closed mindedness to a loved one today!
oddly enough (and the eventual inspiration for my publication of this entry) the people at do not find it necessary to acknowledge veteran's day on their list of southern holidays. hmmm. i thought southerns fought in all of the wars, not just the civil war, but i could be wrong.
either way. make sure you check out the recipes sections so you can whip up a batch of "jeff davis pie" for you next party or throw together a "white fruitcake" this holiday season. yeah i just said white fruitcake. awesome, huh?

and go ahead and splurge. get yourself a new outfit from behind enemy line clothiers. look at these ladies! tasteful and elegant.

happy veteran's day everyone. i'll eat some bacon for you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

over the top.

gosh i love this picture. that is me. it was taken this past summer at my families cottage in ny. i laughed when i took it because it was so silly looking. but now i find it empowering...
i think most of the time i act as if i am this tall. inside i feel as if i am this big. i can be a bit of a giant. too talkative, too loud, too much. although this gets me into trouble (and i sometimes secretly like when it does) i have spent years trying not to be too ____. i think i am done with this. i feel it is best to be the one that strives to be unbelievably tall, or bigger than life, or a giant.
for some of us it just fits.
p.s hellllooo new job state holidays! no work tomorrow! live large!

Monday, November 9, 2009

mmm: wowza


guyaaaww...those are some example of what i would saw if ever faced with this lovely specimen.

and let's not forget where this all began...i pretty much watched this movie with my bff one street over, like, everyday. no joke. everyday, for about a year or two.
you are king of where ever you want to be, mr. bale.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

mad about plaid.

love it. love it. love it.
i have always worn plaid and have been made fun of for being "yuppie."

i am actually going to purchase a plaid designer bag this year. my friend mentioned it was "an investment piece." i could not agree more...

yummm...even love the "new plaids"

i am ecstatic plaid is "in" again...

Friday, November 6, 2009

daddy's girl...part 1.

i am one. almost to a worrisome level in some regards. i not only look like my father, I act like him and have some of the exact same habits as he does. it is a little disturbing and comforting. my father and i have the same nervous ticks: we both nibble at our knuckles identically. how gross is that?! pretty gross i would say. but anyhoo...

being a daddy's girl has many perks, but for now i must focus on the unfortunates. i feel this series of blogs may be a service to other daddy's girls who are struggling with the overprotective father as a grown up one is raised a daddy's girl a shield is placed around this girls existence. as is the fathers primary job, a thick layer of protection is put intact upon the girl at a very early age, some may say at birth...or earlier. this is great as a child and a young woman but then BAM! adulthood hits and all those things your father has been doing for you (or in some aspects hiding from you)/protecting you from/etc. hit like a brick wall.

it has taken me a while to decipher some of these mysteries...most at the literal and blatant opposition of my fathers wishes. some i still let him control (or at least make him think he controls) some i have had to fight for...

i have a top ten list of things daddy's keep secret from their girls but will be dividing these up as series to avoid the unending blog entry effect.

1. car stuff

this is by far the worst battle i have ever fought. not only do i get the once over every time i have an oil change or an inspection, but my father controls this aspect of my life still because it is so much easier than dealing with his shit if i do not. it is also certain i will never hear the end of it if something goes awry. my mother suffers from this also. neither of us have ever really been "completely happy" with a car purchase after going through the agonizing process of searching and seeking out cars when needed with my father in tow. we have both just settled on ANY thing after a few IS that bad.

when my last auto was agreed upon we could not actually purchase the one we were sitting in and testing driving at the time because I suggested we check out the options at this particular car seller lot. my father had to drive THREE hours away to buy the exact same car but from another man that fitted his criteria. mainly: that HE found himself. (may i add this auto my father chose had a number of issues, i.e. filthy seats, unidentifiable things melted on the fabric in weird places, blown out speakers, a broken gas gauge, etc., etc. but WHATEVER. i was beginning to have homicidal thoughts and would not dream of bringing up any of these issues. car shopping with my dad is just that painful.) so my mother and i have historically agreed to the first thing that is marginally mutually agreed upon. last time, since i had been through this process several times before i thought i had learned my lesson and decided i would only insist on having a particular color automobile. i really did not give a crap what style, size, make, model, etc. i thought i was being reasonable and smart. FAIL. (all i wanted was a black car and i have a grey-blue one in my driveway.)

in addition...
after many years of insisting that the local mechanic, (whose child i went to school with, that was from the same ole southern town we all live in, that knows every.single.person here, that i work out with at the Y everyday) was indeed an honest, hardworking man, my father finally agrees he won't screw me over when i need some car maintenance. now he thinks he is a golden car god and believes everything the man says. i think he might actually have a man crush on him now....BUT mind you, i had to visit his garage in the closet for a few years because my father had to realize this man's potential on his own...alas, he now services his vehicle at the same locale and all is right in this department. (but it seriously took him over a decade)
AND this is after years of dad's "last minute engine checks" which btw, have left me on the side of the road at 7am on the way back to college...

so why? WHY? do you ask, do i continue to seek my father's assistance in the car stuff department? WWWHHYYY? because i heart the crap out of him and don't know shit about cars, that is why. and the man used to live in flint, michigan and worked for GE. it would be a sin not to include him. i am afraid he might seriously cry.

winner: father. keep him, but reluctantly and as sparingly as possible, only under exigent circumstances and at dealerships.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


this pretty much sums up how i feel this week after the elections.
it always happens this way.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

no matter what...

i am writing this blog the week before the actual elections but posting it today. i HATE elections. i get all psyched up, nervous, stressed, excited. i do not like this. i like normal. calm. consistent. i like to be tough through the good and the bad. i feel elections take so much energy away from the actual causes and this frustrates me. i always vote because i believe in using the voice you have and this whole election thing is not going anywhere anytime soon.
so this shoddy picture if from one of my favorite places and i love it. felt it was appropriate because no matter what happens (or just happened) we can all still hold ourselves true to this.
but please, dear god, keep virginia blue.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

go ahead, call me an ass.

i am. born and raised.
i would be better off bringing home an underachieving, yet aspiring adult film director than a republican.

so get off yer asses (ha!) virginia and vote! here are a few i like...

he's pretty neat and his signs are real purty.
i gave him $10 many years ago when i was broke and he was running for
something less significant. so i like to think that $10 was well spent.


her husband fixed my heart a few years ago. literally.
and she's sassy and hasn't been worn down yet.

there are quite a few more you VA residents should check out and there are some super scary monsters out there that would rather pray away the minorities and impoverished into their own pool of forgotten V.O.T.E.

thank you.

Monday, November 2, 2009

mmm: pre election day man meat

oh justin. i must admit, i did not appreciate you until this decade, namely, cry me a river. i feel this is when your potential for man meatness truly cured. when you were in the mmc your hair kinda grossed me out and i was too busy being into ryan and damon. i was also not into the boy band thing and again, GROSS with the frosted dyed hair curls. but you grew out of that.
and you grew into THIS. the quintessential all american man meat next door.
(and i love your omletteville sketch on snl.)
reminder: TOMORROW YOU MUST VOTE! justin wants you to.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

all american (pre election day patriotism)

this picture was in bazaar magazine last year...right before THE election. i cut it out and put in on a cork board in my office with a quote from ms barrymore attached:

"i can't imagine why we all don't want desperately to take care of each other."

sigh. she is one of my most absolute favorites.

Drew Barrymore Lookbook

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