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Monday, June 28, 2010

more like drool cup.

ok, ok. i always knew there were lots of hot dudes in soccer but HOLY CRAP WAS I SURPRISED WHEN I WENT TO THE FIFA WEBSITE AND FEASTED MY EYES!!!
like, seriously. i couldn't even post all the dudes i thought were hot cause it would last forever. WHEW. let's just say i would like to extend an open invitation of marriage to the entire paraguayan team. and chile. and argentina. ok. all of south american. i'm yours.
roque santa cruz, paraguay. birthday: AUGUST 16TH!!!
mile jedinak, australia

mesut oezil, germany

mario eggilmann, switzerland

edison cavani, uruguay

cho yong hyung, korea

athanasios prittas, greece
now let's all take a cold shower.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

things my dad taught me.

(completely and totally inspired by curious girl's father's day post.)

my father has been pretty much been the most influential person in my life. at times we are a terrible match (cancer vs. leo-arghh!!!) and he can drive me insane and to tears in an instant...BUT he honestly, truly, ALWAYS has the best of intentions. even if those intentions include being a butthead that ignores the laws of traffic, all public transportation scheduling and eats out of the bulk bins at wegman's even though it's gross and he's been yelled at like, five million times.

SO. the things my dad has taught me (in no particular order) :

-dress well for work. if you dress well, you work better.

-there is no reason to be shitty to people. especially people that you can tell probably get people being shitty to them all the time.

-"never live on a dead man's money"

now. this is morbid and direct. not very my dadish. but his father passed when he was very young, leaving him as the sole caregiver for his mother and his teenage sister. he pretty much had to learn how to be humble and gracious at 15. this also led him to raise a fiercely (and at times too severely) independent daughter. a few months ago he responded to another dad who stated his daughter (whom i went to hs with) was still on his "payroll." my dad responded i was not and had been "off the payroll" for quite a while. proudest. father-daughter. moment. ever.

-babies are cute. baby girls are cuter ;)

-puppies are the most fun no matter how bad they are. come on...they are puppies.

-make sure your men are gentlemen.

-be a goofball. even if others don't get have plenty to laugh at yourself and it makes life more fun.

-keep your yard looking nice. (epic fail at this one for me)

-when it comes to family, keep religion and politics out of it.
(epic fail for him on this one. as an ornery old man he constantly debates with the more conservative side of the family. constantly.)

-sing along to the radio

-love unconditionally. like, really. unconditionally. the conditions will constantly change and you need to change with them.

i now realize i could on forever. happy birthday daddy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

more relief.

i am so into this artist. he's a spaniard...meow!

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happy solstice!

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me & you.

maybe it's because of the heat. maybe it's because i just got back from church camp and when i was 16 we used to jam to this song in my friend's caddy on the way home (he really turned into a sketchball...why?) or maybe it's because outkast rules and i finally got most of it redownloaded to my computer. i dunno.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

sigh. (tribute to skillet the basset hound)

Basset dog with Baby


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i am glad other people are so creative and continue to entertain me for hours :)

(shameless and slightly sad admission: although most blogs i peruse come from friend's suggestions, i have to admit a lot of my most favorites have come from a particular famous persons blog i frequent. lame? stalkerish? probably. but i will continue to believe that it just means if he weren't famous he would just be my bf and i would stalk his blog just like i stalk other hot boys blogs i know. it would be normal to share my discoveries and life would go on. the end)

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i have no idea who took this picture but i found it on this:

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the graduate.

i recently made a present for a girl i have known since she was 3 years old. she is graduating from high school today and i made her a book of quotes with plenty of blank space to fill in her own on her journey. i was given a book like this one when i was her age and it has been one of the most revealing and fascinating parts of my history.

i've been given this kerouac excerpt from tons of people over the years. it flatters me and worries me and motives me.

shine on rdm!!! i hope you find words like these that move you in ways that never tire...(and keep me updated on your adventures:) )

Thursday, June 10, 2010

almost heaven...

south west virginia. no cell service. no internet. no distractions.
see you in a week!

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new super fav!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

grin, sob, hug. repeat.

last weekend i was with my favorite teenagers for a regional church assembly. the teenagers owned the assembly. they blew the adults minds and inspired and intrigued them. it was amazing. upon returning to work (exhausted but only facing three days of toil) this week i see this:

"After this weekend, I took a look back at how I was freshman year... and I've changed and grown more than I could have possibly imagined I would. I am completely and utterly amazed, almost to tears. Thank you Virgina Youth Ministry Committee for making me the wonderful woman I am today ♥ ♥ "
-kb, ymc president 2010

this girl had me grinning like a fool and bursting into spontaneous tears all. weekend. long. love it. in the last year that i have known her she has become so confident and headstrong and determined. i am envious of her strength and drive! i cannot wait to see her grow more and am grateful for the kick in the tail her example has set for me!

***good news is: the high school kids are flawlessly transitioning into the college age group so i don't miss a beat of their stories and journeys!!!***

Monday, June 7, 2010


i am not really a major satc fan, but i dig the show just like any other living, breathing woman in her 20s that will never be able to afford louboutin's. so in honor of the movie, we tribute my favorite bf carrie ever had: aiden shaw.
remember his northern exposure days? me neither. but now i will watch. yum.
hubba hubba
it always really pissed me off that aiden fell for carrie. they made no sense! she's pretty shallow and ____ and he's freakin' aiden. aiden the carpenter. aiden the guy that makes stuff with wood and was simple and not carrie-ish. sigh.

aiden with the dog!!! and carrie, you bitch. you hated that dog and he was too dirty for you and stuff. you could not even walk him. i haven't run out to see this movie yet...but, dammit aiden. please rub it in carrie's face that you were the shit and she sucks for cheating on you.
like i said, i'm not totes into the show or anything, but you know.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

blank street

"The Blank Street Project is a two-month research endeavor in preparation for a documentary film focusing on the faces of poverty in Virginia. We intend to meet the working poor and homeless, hear their stories, and create a film that depicts them as humans who deserve our help and attention in order to alleviate the financial struggles that leave them socially stratified. We plan to use the film to raise awareness for issues of poverty that transcend borders, towns, and streets."
here is their van, iris!



ben and his sister are some of my craig co. bffs. check out their awesome summer project...the fb page and website are below... today, they come to lynchburg so i can feed them, provide them with bathing facilities and send them on their way with cookies!!! so proud & excited to watch their journey through the state!

Friday, June 4, 2010

this is nice.

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Here’s a live drawing animation of an inspiring piece of advice to a dear flower.
From the Tiny Stories Collaboration

Thursday, June 3, 2010

sigh. (blind dog style)

the other morning i took some laundry upstairs, then i went back downstairs to get some coffee and blah blah blah and then i turned around and saw this:
somehow pablo, the blind wonderdog got one of my dresses caught on his neck and he carried it off of the bed and down the stairs and into the living room to share with the rest of us.
a part of me thinks he may have donned this attire purposefully cause look how jealous the others are?

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